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October 31,2014

What Do You Think? & Idol Minds

The Room of Consequence allows Liz Horton to hear what other people are thinking. When Whit l... More Details

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Dan Hagen

What do Archie Haggler, Jacque Henri, Rudolph Karazinsky, and Drill Sergeant Combs have in common? The voice of Dan Hagen. Plus: The latest Imagination Station

First, Marianne Hering tells us about the end of the Revolutionary War and the end of the Imagination Station trilogy in Surprise at Yorktown. Then, Dan Hagen tells about his life in New York on Broadway, his experience at doing many different versions of a scene in video games, and of course his work as many loved characters on Adventures in Odyssey. And finally, we hear a preview of this weekend’s episode of “The Ties that Bind.”

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    What does family mean to you?

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The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift

In the exclusive Odyssey Adventure Club episode "The Perfect Gift," Connie, Whit and Jason investigate a mystery involving a man's last words on a mangled videotape. Join the Odyssey Adventure Club today!

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