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July 24,2017

Malachi's Message, Part 1 of 3

A stranger comes to Odyssey and claims to be an angel with special messages for the folks at Whit's ... More Details

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July 19, 2017: Get "Swept Away" with writer/director Nathan Hoobler and sound designer Jonathan Crowe as they dive deep into this unique Club adventure.

How do you create the sound of rain for two episodes? What does three people scuba diving sound like? And how did a real-life forest fire in Colorado Springs inspire an episode about a flood in Odyssey? Find out from the team behind the episode “Swept Away.” Plus, hear a bonus scene from the show, featuring Harlow Doyle.

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Swept Away (Part 2)
What happens when thousands of gallons of water rush out of Trickle Lake toward defenseless homes and families in Odyssey? As the evacuation continues in this month's Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive episode, "Swept Away (Part 2)," Eugene and Wooton go to great lengths – and depths – to help their neighbors.

Don't miss the conclusion to this exciting episode, inspired by the real-life ministry of Convoy of Hope – a faith-based, humanitarian organization that mobilizes resources and responds to disasters in the U.S. and beyond. Convoy of Hope is founded in, driven by and dedicated to the power of hope that transforms families and communities.

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