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June 30,2015

Like Father, Like Wooton

Connie poses undercover as a carnival clown while Grady McKay tells his friends that Wooton B... More Details

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Will Ryan and Katie Leigh

Katie Leigh and Will Ryan (voices of Connie and Eugene) banter on-mic and off-mic

Katie Leigh has played Connie Kendall since AIO episode #4 in 1987. Will Ryan has played Eugene Meltsner since 1988. But they’ve never appeared together on an Adventures in Odyssey podcast. It’s time to change that as the two of them share how they met, the truth behind their banter in the studio, and what they’ve been up to recently.

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To the Ends of the Earth
Inside the Odyssey Adventure Club

This month's Odyssey Adventure Club exclusive episode is called "To the Ends of the Earth". While delivering Bibles to a tribe in Papua, Whit and Jason become victims of sabotage and must choose whether to love their enemy.

Club members will be the first to hear the new Odyssey album, "Taking The Plunge." The Odyssey Adventure Club is a fantastic investment for your entire family. You won't hear "I'm bored!" this summer when you sign up at www.OAClub.org. Use promo code OAC to get your first month for just $5.

Also, take the Summer Challenge! Get book excerpts and a special studio message when you sign up to dive deeper into your faith at www.whitsend.org/summer.