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August 25,2016

The Cross of Cortes, Part 2 of 2

Whit and Eugene journey to Mexico in search of a valuable and mysterious historical artifact.... More Details

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Hal Smith - Landon Arnold

Wayback Wednesday: Landon Arnold, voice of Scrubb Moseley and Cody Carper (and SON of Dave Arnold!) 

Landon Arnold played Scrubb Moseley — Rodney Rathbone’s cousin — as well as the role of Cody Carper. And he is the son of now executive producer (then sound designer) Dave Arnold. So Landon grew up in the midst of Odyssey production. Hear about those days years ago, plus a few secrets about Dave Arnold himself. Plus, hear a preview of "A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2."

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In the Adventures in Odyssey episode "The Boat People," you heard young Ricky Chang talk about his family's dramatic escape from Vietnam. Listen to Part 2 now at the Odyssey Adventure Club!