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April 30,2016

The Jubilee Singers, Part 3 of 3

Olivia hears the conclusion of the story of the Jubilee Singers from a talking portrait of Frederick... More Details

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Kurt Bruner and Al Janssen

Two former executive producers of Adventures in Odyssey enter the studio

Kurt Bruner and Al Janssen both worked with Adventures in Odyssey in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, they work with Open Doors, this month’s featured ministry in the Odyssey Adventure Club. Kurt and Al told us about working at Whit’s End, whether “Sunset Bowlawater” fits in Adventures in Odyssey, and a soon-to-be-fan-favorite bailiff character. Plus, they tell us what Open Doors is doing around the world and how the Club episode “When One Door Closes” fits into that mission.

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The Latest News

Thank you, Club members!

Odyssey Adventure Club members, isn't it amazing to be part of a global community? Through your partnership, we are giving 1,000 Bibles to new believers in the Middle East. Thank you so much for your help in spreading the Gospel around the world!

This month, we continue to story about how Christians are facing persecution in the Middle East with WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, PART 2 OF 2. As religious hostility intensifies in Aljanistan, will Whit be able to influence the fate of a kidnapped pastor? Listen now by joining the Odyssey Adventure Club with one low price of just $9.99 per month!