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November 28,2015

How to Sink a Sub

When Katrina becomes their substitute teacher, Jay and Valerie rouse the class to revolt, eve... More Details

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Head Over Heels

Album 59 answers from Paul and Dave: Are Wooton and Penny really getting married? Will they meet Penny’s parents? Plus, hear a scene from Album 60: Head Over Heels!

Dave and Paul answer your questions: Are Penny and Wooton really getting married? When will the wedding take place? Will they meet Penny’s parents? Will Wooton and Penny have kids once they’re married? Will there be any action episodes in the future or a new villain? Will you find a replacement for Jay or will you have to bring back Rodney? Will you ever have another contest like Get in the Show or open casting calls? Plus, hear the first scene from “Words from the Wise,” the first episode in the upcoming Album 60: “Head Over Heels.”

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A Friend Betrayed
A Friend Betrayed

In "Take It On Trust," Olivia has a secret that's bigger than big – and she wants it kept under wraps. Zoe, her best friend, is the only soul she trusts with her news. Suddenly Olivia's secret is being broadcast to the whole school, and she can't believe Zoe betrayed her confidence. Can Zoe figure out who really spilled the beans and save her friendship with Olivia? And how does a lovestruck Jay Smouse fit in? Find out this month in the Odyssey Adventure Club, where The Great Adventure Awaits™.

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