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June 25,2016

To Mend or Repair

To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to find a way to keep Katrina busy... More Details

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“Taking the Plunge” and “Head Over Heels” Avery Awards

Bob and Jesse hand out awards for two Adventures in Odyssey albums! Hear the winners for “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” “Lesson Learned-est Moment,” “Best Host,” and “Best Overall Episode.” Be sure to listen for several surprise (and surprised!) guests. Thank you to everyone who voted!

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    Avery Awards

    Avery Awards

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This month's club-exclusive episode introduces you to a brand new Adventures in Odyssey character named Renee Carter. Meet this Scottish lass as you listen to "Things Not Seen," only at OAClub.org.

Exercise your body – and your faith – for refugee kids in Syria. Learn how staying active and healthy this summer can help educate needy children.

We need die-hard Adventures in Odyssey fans to be "brand ambassadors" by volunteering at area events or promoting Odyssey to your friends and neighbors. Apply for our Adventure Volunteer Team today!