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April 23,2018

Bernard & Jeremiah

Marvin Washington and Bernard Walton take a trip in the Imagination Station to see the prophe... More Details

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April 11, 2018: From a long line of actors, artists, and entertainers, Natalie Lander (voice of Zoe) tells us about the family business and joining the Odyssey family

Natalie Lander’s dad played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley. Her mom is an actor and photographer. Most of her other relatives are in the arts and entertainment world. Natalie talks about the business, singing as Kevin in the Home Alone musical, playing a cheerleader on The Middle, and – of course – playing Zoe Grant on Adventures in Odyssey.

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    This Club's a blast!

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Finalist: Best Bible of the Year!
Finalist: Best Bible of the Year!
We're honored to announce that the NIrV® Adventures in Odyssey Bible has been nominated as a finalist for Best Bible of the Year by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Perfect for kids ages 7 to 12, the Adventures in Odyssey Bible will build your child's faith as they journey through the Scriptures hosted by their friends from Odyssey – Whit, Eugene, Connie and Wooton – and explore God's Word in a way that's fun and easy to understand. Visit our online store for more information, and to purchase.