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Stars in Our Eyes

Whit, Connie, Wooton Bassett, and Tom Riley write a TV commercial to tell the benefits of Whit's End.

First aired on:October 23,2004

Last aired on: February 13,2018


The Defining Moment

After a disappointment in the last inning of a game, Marvin Washington looks to his cousin, Xavier, to show him how to be a hero.

First aired on:May 31,2003

Last aired on: December 28,2017


More Like Alicia

Heather wishes she were more like Alicia, the most popular girl in school. Then she gets the chance to be Alicia for one day.

First aired on:April 25,1998

Last aired on: July 17,2017


The War Hero

Connie's uncle, Joe Finneman, is reluctant to reveal the true story of what he did in a remote village in the South Pacific during the waning days of World War II.

First aired on:May 28,1994

Last aired on: July 04,2017


This is Chad Pearson?

Bart Rathbone holds a big contest and the winner gets a date with television star Chad Pearson. It's a prize every girl in Odyssey wants … except the winner!

First aired on:February 20,1993

Last aired on: October 24,2016