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I Slap Floor

Theme: Don't believe everything you hear

Bible Verse:Proverbs 15:21

Bernard Walton tells Mandy Straussberg and her brother, David, about an extremely strange week in Odyssey.

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Oct 31

What Do You Think? & Idol Minds

The Room of Consequence allows Liz Horton to hear what other people are thinking. When Whit leaves town for a while, Eugene creates a Whit robot to keep the kids happy.

AIO - 34: In Your Wildest Dreams

Nov 01

The Ties That Bind, Part 9 of 14

Who knew that a comic-book convention, a poster, and a pastoral visit could cause so much drama in Odyssey? Wooton’s got his hands full with a notorious blogger after announcing the creation of a new comic book idea—and he has to deal with a wayward cousin. Whit refuses to join in a local festival and finds himself in a citywide tug-of-war between conviction and compromise. And the unexpected return of various relatives and former adversaries triggers complications for Connie, Eugene, and the rest of the Odyssey gang. It’s the perfect blend of excitement, comedy, and important life-lessons in this special 14-episode collection!

AIO - 58: The Ties That Bind

Nov 03

Changing Rodney

Mandy goes on a mission to turn Rodney Rathbone into a “good” guy, but it's more difficult than she thinks.

AIO - 34: In Your Wildest Dreams

Nov 04

The Bad Guy & Bethany's Flood

A “tough” friend of Nick Mulligan's arrives in Odyssey. Things turn unfriendly when Nick finds out that his friend has become a Christian. Bethany Shepard dreams about a wacky version of Noah and the flood.

AIO - 34: In Your Wildest Dreams

Nov 05

No Boundaries

Through the Room of Consequence, Alex Jefferson experiences what life would be like if he could do whatever he wanted--without any rules.

AIO - 34: In Your Wildest Dreams


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