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When You're Right, You're Right

Theme: Pride

Bible Verse:James 1:19; Proverbs 17:27-28

Emily Jones is usually right about everything – from solving mysteries to cooking chili. But when she decides to try her hand at matchmaking for her brother Barrett, the singing card she creates may have disastrous consequences.

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AIO - 51: Take It From the Top


Coming This Week

Feb 15

No Stupid Questions

Many people don't want to be bothered with a youngster's constant stream of stupid questions. But some do. Whit makes a perfect match in this sensitive story of mutual understanding.

AIO - 00: The Lost Episodes

Feb 16


Whit's best friend, Tom Riley, tells Connie the story of how Whit's End was created amid tragic circumstances.

AIO - 01: The Adventure Begins

Feb 17

Mike Makes Right

After putting Odyssey's biggest bully in his place, young Mike Caldwell discovers the dangers that can result from becoming a hero.

AIO - 03: Heroes

Feb 18

A Simple Addition

Elementary-schooler Nicky is upset that his baby sister is taking his parents' attention away from him.

AIO - 00: The Lost Episodes

Feb 19

A Change of Hart

Freddie Hart is constantly teased by his middle school classmates. But when he switches schools, he finds that his troubles follow him.

AIO - 01: The Adventure Begins


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