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The Coolest Dog

Theme: Pride

Bible Verse:Proverbs 13:10

Wooton shoots a documentary about Marvin's new band, “The Cool Dogs.”

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AIO - 43: Along for the Ride


Coming This Week

Feb 24

Find a Penny, Part 1

Wooton Bassett returns to Odyssey from his honeymoon with two problems — Penny is missing and he's lost his memory! 

AIO - 63: Up in the Air

Feb 26

The Present Long Ago

Max Hampton demands that Trent DeWhite give up the key to the science lab . . . or else.

AIO - 44: Eugene Returns!

Feb 27

Lost by a Nose

Liz Horton wants to expose the Little Miss Odyssey beauty pageant as a sham. One problem: She must enter the contest to bring it down.

AIO - 44: Eugene Returns!

Feb 28

A Most Intriguing Question

Whit is doing secret experiments in the Imagination Station. Is that why a government agent is watching Whit's End? Connie, Bernard Walton, and Tom Riley take action to find out what's going on.

AIO - 44: Eugene Returns!

Mar 01

A Most Surprising Answer

Whit has to break the news to Connie, Bernard, and Tom about Eugene's memory loss . . . and his risky plan to fix it.

AIO - 44: Eugene Returns!


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