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Expect the Worst

Theme: Prayer in times of trouble

Bible Verse:2 Corinthians 1:10-11

Using Connie's information, Mitch makes a critical connection in proving what Novacom is doing, but the situation changes when the tower on Tom Riley's property blows up.

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AIO - 38: Battle Lines


Coming This Week

Nov 21

Exactly As Planned

Whit and Alex Jefferson work to prove Tom's innocence, and Jason learns that Novacom's final scheme is about to be set in motion.

AIO - 38: Battle Lines

Nov 22


Whit, Tom, and Jason race to stop Novacom's launch date, but Mr. Charles has a way to stop them.

AIO - 38: Battle Lines

Nov 23

B-TV: Thanks

B-TV explores Thanksgiving with stories about 10 lepers, a king named David, and Harlow the stonecutter.

AIO - 31: Days to Remember

Nov 24

A Thankstaking Story

On a snowy Thanksgiving Day, Whit, Connie, Eugene and a few of their friends end up stuck at Whit's End. To pass the time, they tell a zany story of the Scrunch and his plan for "Thankstaking."

AIO - 52: Cause and Effect

Nov 25

Connie Comes to Town

Even though teenager Connie Kendall has just moved into Odyssey, she can hardly wait to go back to California . . . and 10-year-old Bobby has secretly made up his mind that he's going with her.

AIO - 01: The Adventure Begins


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