Join cousins Patrick and Beth in the Imagination Station and travel through history. Sail with Viking explorers! Meet a Roman emperor! The key to adventure lies within your imagination. (for ages 7 and up)

Patrick and Beth must awake the sleeping citizens of Concord.
Beth and Patrick travel to the Holy Land and join the wise men.
Beth and Patrick meet Georgius, a man who battles an angry dragon.
The cousins see a battle between druids and Bishop Patrick, a follower of the true God!
A journey to World War II to save a life.
The cousins visit a mysterious island in the South Pacific!
A journey to ancient Egypt ends with a surprising discovery.
The cousins visit America and see the first Thanksgiving!
A trip to ancient Israel leads to a run-in with Goliath!
Patrick and Beth wind up in a battle between two knights in England!
Patrick and Beth meet a Kublai Khan in ancient China!
Come along with Patrick and Beth as they travel to ancient Rome!
Come along with Patrick and Beth as they meet a Viking named Erik the Red!