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June 22,2017

Best Face Forward

When Connie hears that a famous writer named Mark Herring is going to stop by Whit's End, she decide... More Details

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June 21, 2017: Find out how listening to radio dramas in the dark led to a career for Odyssey's newest writer

Sam Suksiri tells us about being a "writer apprentice," designing theme parks, teaching robotics to kids, winning a cooking contest, and, yes, joining the Odyssey team.

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Sports Ambassadors
In this month's Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive episode, "Swept Away" (Part 1), intense rainfall and a crisis at the local dam have engineers – including Eugene Meltsner – scrambling for solutions. Eugene fears that the Trickle Lake Dam is about to callapse and flood Odyssey – including Whit's End. As Eugene attempts to outsmart a pending disaster, Whit, Connie, Penny and Wooton race to evacuate their neighbors and keep from being swept away themselves.

Don't miss this exciting episode, inspired by the real-life ministry of Convoy of Hope – a faith-based, humanitarian organization that mobilizes resources and responds to disasters in the U.S. and beyond. Convoy of Hope is founded in, driven by and dedicated to the power of hope that transforms families and communities.

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