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B-TV: Thanks

Theme: Thankfulness; Gratitude

Bible Verse:Ephesians 5:20

B-TV explores Thanksgiving with stories about 10 lepers, a king named David, and Harlow the stonecutter.

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AIO - 31: Days to Remember


Coming This Week

Nov 24

A Thankstaking Story

On a snowy Thanksgiving Day, Whit, Connie, Eugene and a few of their friends end up stuck at Whit's End. To pass the time, they tell a zany story of the Scrunch and his plan for "Thankstaking."

AIO - 52: Cause and Effect

Nov 25

Connie Comes to Town

Even though teenager Connie Kendall has just moved into Odyssey, she can hardly wait to go back to California . . . and 10-year-old Bobby has secretly made up his mind that he's going with her.

AIO - 01: The Adventure Begins

Nov 27

Inside the Studio

Take an exclusive look inside the production studio in honor of the 15th anniversary of Adventures in Odyssey!

AIO - 00: The Lost Episodes

Nov 28

Live at the 25!

Connie and the gang at Whit's End celebrate what they think is the 25th anniversary of Whit's End!

AIO - 09: Just in Time

Nov 29

Between You and Me

Connie wonders if she's spending too much time with Robert Mitchell. Then he gets an offer from the FBI . . . to move to Virginia.

AIO - 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen


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