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Soaplessly Devoted

Theme: Discernment.

Bible Verse:Proverbs 17:24

Jason programs the Room of Consequence so that Erica Clark can actually live in Medical Center of Love, her favorite soap opera.

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AIO - 22: The Changing Times


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Apr 24

Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos

Erica and her best friend, Kim Peterson, have an argument that may end their friendship. Meanwhile, Jason and Jack disagree about putting video games in Whit's End.

AIO - 22: The Changing Times

Apr 25

Blackbeard's Treasure

Two young boys, John Whittaker and Jack Allen, venture into a secret cave and fight off pirates in their quest to find Blackbeard's buried treasure.

AIO - 22: The Changing Times

Apr 26

Bernard & Joseph, Part 2 of 2

Bernard tells Artie Powell, a boy with many siblings, the exciting life story of Joseph and his 11 brothers.

AIO - 09: Just in Time

Apr 28

I Want My B-TV!

Bernard Walton and the gang at Whit's End create a new television variety show.

AIO - 23: Twists and Turns

Apr 29

The Truth About Zachary

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz tries to write a news article about Zachary Sellers and find out why he's in a wheelchair.

AIO - 23: Twists and Turns


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