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The Business of Busyness

Theme: Being too busy

Bible Verse:Luke 10

The Washingtons can't find time for family devotions, and Eugene's new service organization has him running in circles!

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AIO - 45: Lost & Found


Coming This Week

Mar 26


Aubrey Shepard prepares to leave home for college, but her little sister, Bethany, doesn't want her to go.

AIO - 45: Lost & Found

Mar 27

Tales of a Small-Town Thug

Everyone at Whit's End is in an uproar when a former Bones of Rath gang member writes a scathing book about Odyssey.

AIO - 45: Lost & Found

Mar 28

The Champ of the Camp

Connie narrates the story of her last year at summer camp and how she got stuck in the midst of the annual prank war at Camp Jumonville.

AIO - 45: Lost & Found

Mar 29

Dead Ends

Eugene's search for his father continues as he visits his foster parents to find clues.

AIO - 46: A Date with Dad (and other Calamities)

Mar 30

The Poor Rich Guy

Grady McKay decides that the Bible “makes no sense” after Marvin Washington and his sister, Tamika, conclude that Whit can't go to heaven because he's rich.

AIO - 46: A Date with Dad (and other Calamities)


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