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Home Again, Part 2 of 2

Theme: Assumptions

Bible Verse:

When Jason Whittaker finally returns to Odyssey for peace and quiet, the excitement surrounding his return makes it hard to find either.

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AIO - 56: The Grand Design


Coming This Week

Mar 02

The Defining Moment

After a disappointment in the last inning of a game, Marvin Washington looks to his cousin, Xavier, to show him how to be a hero.

AIO - 40: Out of Control

Mar 03

The Mystery at Tin Flat

The Washington family wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to nearby Tin Flat. But when they show up, the town is deserted.

AIO - 40: Out of Control

Mar 04


In the Room of Consequence, Liz Horton experiences the results of a single choice . . . backward.

AIO - 41: In Hot Pursuit

Mar 05

All Things to All People

Seth Young counsels Aubrey Shepard on his radical method of evangelism, which causes Aubrey to question her effectiveness as a Christian.

AIO - 40: Out of Control

Mar 06

The Taming of the Two

Bart Rathbone wants to make his shop more sophisticated, and Malcolm Lear, a rival of Edwin Blackgaard, has a proposal for him.

AIO - 41: In Hot Pursuit


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