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Call Me if You Care

Theme: Forgiveness

Bible Verse:Matthew 18:21-22

Connie's cell phone is getting unusual messages from someone named Cindy who is desperate to reach “William.”

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AIO - 43: Along for the Ride


Coming This Week

Feb 20

True Calling

Liz Horton tries to persuade Irving and Solly, two men from a local nursing home, to come out of retirement to perform a magic act.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Feb 21

And That's the Truth

Tamika Washington takes her Sunday school lesson on honesty very seriously. At J & J Antiques, Jack Allen struggles to tell his new employee a difficult truth.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Feb 22

A Glass Darkly

Trent finally gets the chance to audition for the Chamber Music Society, but things keep getting in the way, despite his prayers to God.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Feb 23

The Coolest Dog

Wooton shoots a documentary about Marvin's new band, “The Cool Dogs.”

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Feb 24

Find a Penny, Part 1

Wooton Bassett returns to Odyssey from his honeymoon with two problems — Penny is missing and he's lost his memory! 

AIO - 63: Up in the Air


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