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To Mend or Repair

Theme: Being a Friend

Bible Verse:Luke 10:38-42

To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to find a way to keep Katrina busy all the time. Meanwhile, Barrett Jones gives Priscilla Peterson a special honor -- reading the pledge of allegiance on the morning announcements.

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AIO - 55: The Deep End


Coming This Week

Jun 27

The Winning Edge

It's the Coyotes vs. the Stingrays for the Odyssey Softball League Championship – only some of the players may be taking the game a bit too seriously.

AIO - 08: Beyond Expectations

Jun 28

All's Well With Boswell

When Robyn gets her first real babysitting job, it turns out to be more of an adventure than she could ever imagine!

AIO - 08: Beyond Expectations

Jun 29

Wishful Thinking

Donna Barclay gets a surprise when she wishes her brother, Jimmy, had never been born – and it seems to come true!

AIO - 09: Just in Time

Jun 30

Have You No Selpurcs?

Whit concocts an unusual game to teach Curt Stevens and Lucy Cunninghan-Schultz about scruples.

AIO - 09: Just in Time

Jul 01

By Dawn's Early Light

Curt Stevens and Lucy travel back in the Imagination Station to see the American War of 1812.

AIO - 11: It's Another Fine Day...


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