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Sir Buddy's Snowy Day

Theme: Crushes

Bible Verse:Song of Solomon 8:4

When school is cancelled, Buddy goes sledding with the Parker family. On the way to the park and back, he faces a series of menacing obstacles and fights with a new nemesis while trying to retrieve a coat for the maiden Olivia.

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AIO - 64: Under the Surface


Coming This Week

Apr 23

Bernard & Jeremiah

Marvin Washington and Bernard Walton take a trip in the Imagination Station to see the prophet Jeremiah.

AIO - 47: Into the Light

Apr 24

Mum's the Word

True affections and a valentine complicate the relationship between Trent DeWhite and Mandy Straussberg.

AIO - 47: Into the Light

Apr 25

The Family Next Door

With her mom busy and her dad no longer at home, Mandy looks to the Washingtons for emotional support.

AIO - 47: Into the Light

Apr 26

Like Father, Like Wooton

Connie poses undercover as a carnival clown while Grady McKay tells his friends that Wooton Bassett is his father.

AIO - 47: Into the Light

Apr 27

The Undeniable Truth

Hand-Up gets in hot water when a local newspaper accuses Eugene of stealing the donation money.

AIO - 47: Into the Light


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