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Stars in Our Eyes

Theme: Heroes

Bible Verse:1 Samuel 16:7

Whit, Connie, Wooton Bassett, and Tom Riley write a TV commercial to tell the benefits of Whit's End.

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AIO - 43: Along for the Ride


Coming This Week

Apr 22

Sunday Morning Scramble

The Washingtons try to get to church on time, which leads to chaos in their home.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Apr 23

Potential Possibilities

When Trent is put in the gifted class at school, he wonders if he'll survive his first week. Meanwhile, Aubrey Shepard learns that she has a real talent with horses.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Apr 24

Call Me if You Care

Connie's cell phone is getting unusual messages from someone named Cindy who is desperate to reach “William.”

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride

Apr 25

More Than a Feeling

Camilla is concerned that her newfound faith is wavering since she doesn't feel as excited about it anymore. Meanwhile, Connie tries to get Eugene and Katrina to break out of the routine in their marriage.

AIO - 57: A Call to Something More

Apr 27

True Calling

Liz Horton tries to persuade Irving and Solly, two men from a local nursing home, to come out of retirement to perform a magic act.

AIO - 43: Along for the Ride


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