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War of the Words

Theme: Swearing; using bad language.

Bible Verse:Proverbs 21:23

A carelessly uttered word from Eugene creates havoc as it becomes the fashionable insult for the kids in Odyssey.

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AIO - 20: A Journey of Choices


Coming This Week

Jan 19

It Began with a Rabbit's Foot

Whit tells Lucy Cunningham-Schultz about the creation of the Bible Room, and the discussion leads Katrina Shanks to a very important decision.

AIO - 20: A Journey of Choices

Jan 20

It Ended with a Handshake

Eugene's relationship with Katrina takes an unexpected turn when his computer disk filled with unsent love letters goes missing.

AIO - 20: A Journey of Choices

Jan 21

The Labyrinth, Part 3 of 3

Jason's relentless pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends if he is to unravel Mr. Grote's schemes before it's too late. (Part 3 of 3)

AIO - 55: The Deep End

Jan 23

Pet Peeves

Donna Barclay tries to cope with all the change going on in her life by adopting a stray dog.

AIO - 20: A Journey of Choices

Jan 24


Upset that her father has canceled his visit to Odyssey, Connie unleashes her anger on men in general.

AIO - 20: A Journey of Choices


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