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April 18,2019

The Battle, Part 1 of 2

Dr. Blackgaard's quest to steal Applesauce reaches its peak as he and crony Richard Maxwell t... More Details

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April 10, 2019: Monica Padilla – voice of double "L" Jillian, double "L" Marshall – tells us about auditioning opposite Townsend Coleman, preparation for acting, and (yes) appearing on the TV show Survivor.

The character of Jillian Marshall has held a variety of unusual jobs – including a sous chef, surfing instructor, and even a professional line-stander. Monica Padilla (the voice behind Jillian) has a variety of unusual life experiences and she shares those with us.

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The Great Outdoors
In the exciting conclusion of "Between Camp and a Hard Place," find out who wins the big competition and who deserves to be camper of the week. Inspired by the work of the Christian Camp & Conference Association, this month's exclusive Adventures in Odyssey Club adventure shows how kids' lives are shaped through the power of camp. Counselors Connie and Wooton show the kids from Odyssey how to escape their hectic everyday lives to get a clearer picture of God's love for them, and discover their purpose and passion through Him. Listen this month only at aioclub.org.