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April 09,2020

Love Is in the Air, Part 1 of 2

Katrina Shanks and Tasha Forbes arrive back in town, causing all sorts of romantic high jinks with E... More Details

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Nathan Jones

April 13, 2020:  Mixing it Up with Sound Designer Nathan Jones

Nate shares all the elements that go into mixing a scene from the upcoming Club adventure “The Martyr and the Rooster.” (Length: 11 minutes)

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  • We have activities for your kids to do at home!  
    We have activities for your kids to do at home!

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    90 Devotions for Kids

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    The Green Ring Conspiracy

    The Great Adventure Awaits

    The Imagination Station No. 24

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We have activities for your kids to do at home!
We have activities for your kids to do at home!

Are you looking for fun, Godly things for your kids to do while they're home from school? Look no further than Adventures in Odyssey! These creative and engaging audio dramas teach faith and fun while helping your kids live out what you're teaching them at home. Perfect for car rides, bed times, quiet times or any time, these creative adventures following a host of characters from the town of Odyssey will entertain your children for hours. In fact, there are over 900 episodes just waiting to be listened to and loved.

We know that life is a little tricky right now, with school being out, parents working from home, and social distancing making us question common things. In order to help in some small way, Focus on the Family would like to give you 4 free weeks of the Adventures in Odyssey Club with no strings attached. You don't even have to give us your credit card. Just sign in, create a profile, and engage. You'll get five family logins so no one will be left out.

Need a hand while you're staring down an open schedule? Let us help. And may God use these wonderful adventures to bring your family closer and encourage your kids to go deeper in their faith. Simply go to http://www.aioclub.org/ActivitiesForHome and sign up today! Please note: For new members only. If you have previously had an account or registered before, you will need to use a new email and username to get this free trial.