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March 20,2019

And When You Pray. . .

When Jimmy Barclay prays for a bike--and gets one--Donna begins to wonder how prayer works.More Details

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March 13, 2019: Meet the new actresses in "Between Camp and a Hard Place"

Brianna Bryan (voice of Scarlett) and Rachel Eggleston (voice of Elise) tell us all about camp, commercials, and their characters in the latest adventure at Camp What-a-Nut.

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The Power of Camp
The Power of Camp
This month's exclusive Adventures in Odyssey Club adventure is inspired by the work of Christian Camp & Conference Association. In today's hectic world, kids thrive when they can escape the daily grind and connect – with each other and with God – in a fun, energized setting. They need a break from screens and routines. Rediscover the power of camp as the kids from the town of Odyssey step out of their comfort zones in "Between Camp and a Hard Place." Listen to Part 1 this month, only at aioclub.org.