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October 19,2019

Page from the Playbook

As the Odyssey High School Football team heads toward the state championship, wide receiver B... More Details

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October 9, 2019: How many people have had an Odyssey written about them – and got to be in the studio to meet the person playing them? Tune in to find out!

"Rightly Dividing" was based on the true life story of Sarah Keimig. Born blind, she's gone through a variety of eye procedures in her lifetime. Find out why her story inspired an adventure and what it was like being in the studio while her story was recorded.

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New Book Available!
New Book Available!
In "Rook's Ruse," Book Four of the beloved The Blackgaard Chronicles™ series, Dr Regis Blackgaard sets his fiendish plans in motion! How can Whit prevail against this evil force? Will he be forced to close Whit's End for good, or has the despicable Dr. Blackgaard finally gone too far? Find out in this fourth book of The Blackgaard Chronicles™ series that introduces more of the story beyond the Adventures in Odyssey® audio dramas.