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My Girl Hallie

“The Twilife Zone” skit tells the story of a boy named Joey Patrick who has an unusual friendship . . . with his computer.

First aired on:February 07,2004

Last aired on: January 24,2018


Where There's Smoke & The Virtual Kid

Nathaniel looks up to his new friend Nick Mulligan. Middle-schooler Alex Jefferson creates a website about Whit's End and gets interviewed for the news.

First aired on:November 20,1999

Last aired on: August 28,2017


The Twilife Zone

Kids' Radio tells the story of a talking toy chicken that enslaves its owner in a web of strange demands.

First aired on:November 12,1994

Last aired on: February 17,2017


Addictions Can Be Habit Forming

A young girl named Joey tries a variety of bizarre methods to get her friend Stefanie to go on a diet.

First aired on:January 30,1988

Last aired on: January 30,1988