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Friend or Foe

Desperate to escape Connie’s rules and recreate her old life from Los Angeles, Jules Kendall makes friends with school bad-girl Valerie. Buck, however, is worried that the manipulative Valerie is just using his friend.

First aired on:October 21,2017

Last aired on: March 02,2019


No Boundaries

Through the Room of Consequence, Alex Jefferson experiences what life would be like if he could do whatever he wanted--without any rules.

First aired on:May 06,2000

Last aired on: September 08,2017


Subject Yourself

Lawrence Hodges battles his doctor over getting braces while his mother battles the school board over a new curriculum.

First aired on:April 01,1995

Last aired on: March 17,2017



Lucy faces a dilemma when her science teacher asks her to do a report on evolution.

First aired on:April 01,1989

Last aired on: April 01,2019