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Something's Got to Change

The Washington family considers moving across town so that Ed can be closer to work.

First aired on:May 15,2004

Last aired on: February 05,2018


The Toy Man

Ed Washington thinks about quitting his high-paying job to work at Whit's End. His family considers the sacrifices they'll have to make.

First aired on:January 25,2003

Last aired on: December 01,2017


The W.E.

To compete with the new Novacom Kids' Center, Whit experiments with a massive overhaul to Whit's End and its attractions.

First aired on:February 17,2001

Last aired on: October 03,2017


Letting Go

Zachary Sellers has a hard time adjusting when his mother starts dating again.

First aired on:February 03,1996

Last aired on: May 08,2017


. . . But Not Forgotten

Tom Riley, Connie, and Eugene find that running Whit's End takes more time than they thought. Tom asks an old friend of Whit's, Jack Allen, to help out.

First aired on:September 10,1994

Last aired on: February 09,2017


Gone . . .

Bernard and Eugene return from their long road trip to Odyssey, where things always stay the same. Or so they think.

First aired on:September 03,1994

Last aired on: February 08,2017


Pet Peeves

Donna Barclay tries to cope with all the change going on in her life by adopting a stray dog.

First aired on:May 14,1994

Last aired on: January 23,2017


A Prayer for George Barclay

The Barclay children pray that their father will finally find a job.

First aired on:April 02,1994

Last aired on: January 13,2017


Coming of Age

Jimmy Barclay journals about the many changes going on in his life, from shaving to first crushes.

First aired on:May 18,1991

Last aired on: August 02,2016


Connie Comes to Town

Even though teenager Connie Kendall has just moved into Odyssey, she can hardly wait to go back to California . . . and 10-year-old Bobby has secretly made up his mind that he's going with her.

First aired on:December 12,1987

Last aired on: January 23,2019