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Parker for President

Emily convinces Matthew to run for Student Body President, but he’s surprised to learn that the opposing candidate is his sister Olivia!

First aired on:November 05,2016

Last aired on: December 07,2018


The Forgotten Deed

The plan to bury the new time capsule in the basement of Whit's End causes a “separation of church and state” conflict that jeopardizes the future of the shop.

First aired on:April 12,2008

Last aired on: June 12,2018


The Graduate

Connie is finally graduating from high school but faces a dilemma when the principal doesn't like the prayer she wants to say at the graduation ceremony.

First aired on:May 23,1998

Last aired on: July 21,2017


Blind Justice

Eugene and Bernard wind up on the same jury and must decide the fate of a young boy accused of burglary.

First aired on:May 11,1996

Last aired on: May 22,2017


One Bad Apple

Tom Riley's apples are causing people to get sick. While trying to find out why, he discovers a chemical company is polluting his land.

First aired on:September 15,1990

Last aired on: June 20,2019


A Single Vote

Whit tells a story about the difference a single vote can make.

First aired on:November 05,1988

Last aired on: March 05,2019