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Distinguishing Truth

Nightmares by Constance, Part 1 of 2

Two days before a “Dreams by Constance” wedding, the grandmother of the bride approaches Connie with a proposal: she’ll pay her double if she breaks up the ceremony.

First aired on:November 02,2019

Last aired on: November 02,2019


Sheep's Clothing

Monica Stone tries to steal a disk from Jason, who is in Alaska. Back at Odyssey, Whit and Agent Bourland investigate Novacom.

First aired on:May 25,2002

Last aired on: November 14,2017


I Slap Floor

Bernard Walton tells Mandy Straussberg and her brother, David, about an extremely strange week in Odyssey.

First aired on:April 01,2000

Last aired on: September 04,2017


Soaplessly Devoted

Jason programs the Room of Consequence so that Erica Clark can actually live in Medical Center of Love, her favorite soap opera.

First aired on:December 31,1994

Last aired on: February 28,2017


Fair-Weather Fans

Isaac starts selling fans door-to-door during a heatwave in Odyssey – and learns a hard lesson about choosing friends and making money.

First aired on:August 15,1992

Last aired on: September 16,2019


A Day in the Life

A Hollywood film company comes to Odyssey to make a movie about the town.

First aired on:July 13,1991

Last aired on: July 25,2019