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Doing Good

A Class Reenactment

Edwin Blackgaard puts on a “radio reenactment” of the founding of the town of Odyssey. Two of his actors, Mandy Straussberg and Trent DeWhite, are unhappy when they're cast as a young couple in love.

First aired on:April 05,2008

Last aired on: June 11,2018


Twisting Pathway

When Mr. Charles makes demands that Kevin Colburn finds uncomfortable, his daughter, Erica, takes things into her own hands.

First aired on:May 18,2002

Last aired on: November 13,2017


A Code of Honor

Jack Allen and Jason Whittaker find a mysterious codebook in Whit's workroom that leads them to a secret gang called the Israelites.

First aired on:December 17,1994

Last aired on: February 24,2017


When Bad Isn't So Good

Edwin Blackgaard and Sam Johnson come to the conclusion they need to be "bad" once in a while to get noticed.

First aired on:April 09,1994

Last aired on: January 16,2017


Rights, Wrongs & Reasons

Whit, Connie and Jenny discuss four situations to see if they can spot the differences between the good and bad things people do and the reasons why they do it.

First aired on:January 02,1993

Last aired on: October 03,2019


The Big Broadcast

Whit and Tom reopen the Kids' Radio studio with the Good Samaritan story.

First aired on:June 09,1990

Last aired on: May 30,2019


Operation DigOut

An elderly British gentleman named Reginald Duffield arrives in Odyssey to keep a promise he made to Whit many years ago after a World War II battle.

First aired on:November 18,1989

Last aired on: May 02,2019



Middle-schooler Philo Sanderson loves pulling practical jokes, but Whit is disturbed when Philo says that his lucky rabbit's foot keeps him safe.

First aired on:April 30,1988

Last aired on: April 30,1988