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For Trying Out Loud

Wooton Bassett wants to help Edwin Blackgaard with an upcoming production. Liz Horton tries to find something--anything--she can do better than others.

First aired on:February 01,2003

Last aired on: December 04,2017


Aubrey's Bathrobe

A super-Christian named Seth Young makes Aubrey Shepard feel inadequate in her new faith.

First aired on:January 18,2003

Last aired on: November 30,2017


The Popsicle Kid

Rodney Rathbone discourages Austin O'Connor from hanging around Colby Cabrera because he's “weird.” Wooton Bassett and the kids try to win a Christmas decorating contest.

First aired on:December 22,2001

Last aired on: December 25,2017


A Little Credit, Please

Connie gets a dose of financial reality after she gets her first credit card, and Bernard Walton gets a new assistant.

First aired on:July 15,1995

Last aired on: April 07,2017


Ice Fishing

Monty feels like he's in competition with his gifted sister, Jenny, so Whit, Tom Riley, and Eugene take him on an ice fishing trip to Summit Lake.

First aired on:January 20,1990

Last aired on: May 09,2019