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Gods Gifts

Words From the Wise

Wooton travels to Pittsburgh with his new fiancée Penny to meet her family. While there, Wooton discovers that his future in-laws have serious concerns about the upcoming wedding.

First aired on:March 05,2016

Last aired on: August 26,2017


Potential Possibilities

When Trent is put in the gifted class at school, he wonders if he'll survive his first week. Meanwhile, Aubrey Shepard learns that she has a real talent with horses.

First aired on:November 06,2004

Last aired on: February 16,2018


Welcoming Wooton

When Wooton Bassett takes time out of his postal route to help at Whit's End, he gets fired for missing too much work.

First aired on:May 26,2001

Last aired on: February 17,2018