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Gods Power

Have a Heart

School bully Dion returns to town after a long absence and seems to have a complete change of heart. Buddy isn’t convinced of his change and tries to find the real reason that Dion is so different.

First aired on:October 28,2017

Last aired on: January 01,2019


The Owlnapping

When the Odyssey Middle School basketball team's mascot is stolen, they suddenly start losing all their games. The team considers drastic measures to get back their good luck charm.

First aired on:November 13,2010

Last aired on: August 01,2018


The Power of One

Kids' Radio presents a boxing match between David and Goliath, testimonials from users of an amazing treatment called the Pray Way, and Edwin Blackgaard's rhyming tale of Samson.

First aired on:April 30,2005

Last aired on: March 07,2018



Whit, Tom, and Jason race to stop Novacom's launch date, but Mr. Charles has a way to stop them.

First aired on:July 06,2002

Last aired on: November 22,2017


The Power

Isaac Morton finds himself at the mercy of a techno-bully who has the ability to change grades and alter school records.

First aired on:July 17,1993

Last aired on: November 18,2016


The Shepherd and the Giant

Connie tries out Whit's new invention – the Environment Enhancer – and witnesses an encounter between a young man named David and the giant Goliath.

First aired on:October 29,1988

Last aired on: March 04,2019


The Price of Freedom

A teacher maligns 10-year-old Kirk McGinty's war hero father and the war he fought in. Kirk's mother and Whit and step in to set them both straight.

First aired on:May 28,1988

Last aired on: May 27,2019