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Gods Role

The Secret of the Writer's Ruse

After a long dry spell, the Jones & Parker Detective Agency is back with what could be their biggest case yet: an investigation into a manuscript that could be famous writer Mary Malloway’s long-lost final mystery.

First aired on:April 14,2018

Last aired on: April 14,2018


B-TV: Revenge

The cast and crew at B-TV explore what revenge is and why it’s wrong through a series of Bible stories, the “What If” Zone, and an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.

First aired on:November 04,2017

Last aired on: November 04,2017


It's a Wrap!

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and the Kids' Radio team take an in-depth look at Whit's End and the return of John Avery Whittaker.

First aired on:December 07,1996

Last aired on: June 12,2017