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The Long End, Part 3

The conclusion of Buck and Mr. Skint’s sordid tangle of cons finally leads Buck to learn the truth about his family, both past and present.

First aired on:May 04,2019

Last aired on: September 21,2019


Your Honest Opinion, Please

After Wooton accidentally gives a negative review of Penny’s artwork, he feels that he must do everything to keep from offending her. This includes allowing her to hang her frightening clown paintings all over the house. Meanwhile, Connie shares a studio with a fellow student who is insensitive of his own annoying habits.

First aired on:April 07,2018

Last aired on: January 04,2019


The Malted Milkball Falcon

A pinata filled with delicious chocolate goes missing from Whit's End. Only a few people were in the room at the scene of the crime, leading Emily Jones to investigate “whodunit!”

First aired on:December 11,2010

Last aired on: August 06,2018


Like Father, Like Wooton

Connie poses undercover as a carnival clown while Grady McKay tells his friends that Wooton Bassett is his father.

First aired on:December 02,2006

Last aired on: April 26,2018


Mum's the Word

True affections and a valentine complicate the relationship between Trent DeWhite and Mandy Straussberg.

First aired on:November 18,2006

Last aired on: April 24,2018


Nothing But the Half Truth

Wellington Bassett calls his twin brother, Wooton, for a bizarre favor--he wants Wooton to pretend to be him for a business meeting.

First aired on:May 01,2004

Last aired on: February 01,2018


The Lyin' Tale & Two Roads

Aubrey's tale of being scared by a cat seems to become more life-threatening with every telling. Kids' Radio tells the story of two kids who take very different paths in life and yet meet in the same place.

First aired on:March 11,2000

Last aired on: September 01,2017


Blind Girl's Bluff

Aubrey Shepard and Lisa Mulligan cook up a scam using a two-way radio to make people believe that Lisa can see--with her mind.

First aired on:November 13,1999

Last aired on: August 25,2017


Best Face Forward

When Connie hears that a famous writer named Mark Herring is going to stop by Whit's End, she decides to make sure everyone is on his or her best behavior.

First aired on:October 25,1997

Last aired on: June 22,2017


My Fair Bernard

Bernard Walton tries to improve his image by being in play about his life, which is being produced by Edwin Blackgaard.

First aired on:October 02,1993

Last aired on: November 14,2019


A Class Act

Edwin Blackgaard finds himself in dire straits financially and reluctantly agrees to teach an acting class in Odyssey – after he receives an anonymous donation.

First aired on:January 09,1993

Last aired on: October 04,2019


The Case of the Candid Camera

Private Investigator Harlow Doyle gets pulled into a case involving a missing camera, a Bible contest and the always-suspect Rodney Rathbone.

First aired on:October 10,1992

Last aired on: September 24,2019


No, Honestly!

No one believes Rodney Rathbone when he claims he's discovered a con artist in Odyssey.

First aired on:April 04,1992

Last aired on: August 29,2019


Have You No Selpurcs?

Whit concocts an unusual game to teach Curt Stevens and Lucy Cunninghan-Schultz about scruples.

First aired on:September 08,1990

Last aired on: June 19,2019


Two Sides to Every Story

Jimmy and Donna Barclay tell their parents two different versions of how their TV caught fire.

First aired on:March 24,1990

Last aired on: May 22,2019


But, You Promised

Robyn leaves her bike unlocked at the mall, and it is stolen. She lies to her parents about her carelessness to keep from getting into trouble.

First aired on:October 21,1989

Last aired on: April 26,2019


Good Business

Robyn Jacobs thinks she can earn money the "easy" way by starting her own business, but she soon learns it's not so easy after all.

First aired on:August 05,1989

Last aired on: April 16,2019


It Sure Seems Like It to Me

A girl with a reputation for exaggeration learns an important lesson when she tries to tell the truth about an outrageous situation. It's a hilarious – and thoughtful – look at the hazards of lying.

First aired on:September 17,1988

Last aired on: March 01,2019


The Tangled Web

Connie reads the story of Jeremy Forsythe, a boy who tells his mother a fib about some missing money. Both Jeremy and Connie learn that one lie leads to another.

First aired on:February 06,1988

Last aired on: January 29,2019