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Breaking News

After television station manager Sky Feldstein tells news anchor Ted Humphries that he needs to be more relevant, he turns to a young person to get advice: Zoe Grant. To update his image, Ted reports from inside a video game and the local trampoline park.

First aired on:March 28,2020

Last aired on: March 28,2020


The Good in People

When Olivia Parker makes a bold promise to the drama Club about going to a festival, Morrie Rydell decides to secretly test just how far she is willing to go to keep her word.

First aired on:November 03,2018

Last aired on: January 16,2019


The Sandwich Initiative

When the Parker children forget to bring some food inside from a family picnic, David makes it his mission to teach them about initiative. The methods he uses to get the message to his kids become more and more extreme.

First aired on:October 20,2018

Last aired on: October 20,2018


Crash Course

When getting lessons from Connie is a disaster, Jules turns to Odyssey’s newest licensed driver Buck Oliver to teach her how to drive.

First aired on:November 11,2017

Last aired on: March 09,2019


Old Tricks

When Eugene announces that he's being considered for a new position at the college, Buck decides to help him using unscrupulous methods.

First aired on:November 12,2016

Last aired on: December 10,2018


Wooing Wooton

Wooton Bassett's father comes to town to get his son's help on a business deal. Meanwhile, Grady must make a decision that could cost his mom her job.

First aired on:October 20,2007

Last aired on: May 24,2018


The Election Deception

When Courtney Vincent's diary disappears from her locker, events conspire against her hopes of being elected president of the student council.

First aired on:October 01,1994

Last aired on: January 29,2020


It Takes Integrity

Curt Stevens and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz compete to be elected student body president, but Curt's campaign turns underhanded.

First aired on:January 18,1992

Last aired on: August 19,2019