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The Case of the Ball Cap Hero

The Jones and Parker Detective Agency investigates a string of robberies that are sabotaged by a good guy who comes to be known as the Ball Cap Hero.

First aired on:March 26,2016

Last aired on: December 03,2018


Broken Window

When a window gets broken at Whit's End, Whit puts Rodney, Sarah Prachett, and Alex on trial to see where the responsibility for fixing the window will fall.

First aired on:March 24,2001

Last aired on: October 10,2017


Faster Than a Speeding Ticket

Whit gets a speeding ticket, and Dwayne Oswald gets a D on a history test. Both believe they were the victims of mistakes. 

First aired on:May 09,1998

Last aired on: July 19,2017


The Scales of Justice

Isaac Morton finds a bag filled with money and wants to keep it, but it's up to Judge Eugene Meltsner to determine what will happen to the loot.

First aired on:February 15,1992

Last aired on: September 02,2016