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A Most Extraordinary Conclusion

Eugene's closest friends take drastic steps to bring him to a full recovery.

First aired on:April 16,2005

Last aired on: March 02,2018


Expect the Worst

Using Connie's information, Mitch makes a critical connection in proving what Novacom is doing, but the situation changes when the tower on Tom Riley's property blows up.

First aired on:June 22,2002

Last aired on: November 20,2017


When in Doubt...Pray!

Eugene takes Mandy Straussberg on an Imagination Station adventure to show her where prayer has made a difference throughout history.

First aired on:February 07,1998

Last aired on: July 06,2017


And When You Pray. . .

When Jimmy Barclay prays for a bike--and gets one--Donna begins to wonder how prayer works.

First aired on:February 04,1989

Last aired on: April 05,2016