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Fairy Tal-e-vision

Connie, Jason Whittaker, and Kids' Radio tell about life in Fairy Tale Land.

First aired on:October 16,2004

Last aired on: February 12,2018


A Matter of Manners & The Seven Deadly Dwarves

David and Alex and are banished from Whit's End for their rude behavior. Bethany dreams that she's Snow DeWhite and meets up with the Seven Deadly Dwarves.

First aired on:May 13,2000

Last aired on: September 11,2017


The Tower

Nathaniel Graham takes a trip in the Imagination Station with Eugene to see the Tower of Babel.

First aired on:October 31,1998

Last aired on: August 07,2017


The Devil Made Me Do It

Kids' Radio presents “Guilt Trip Jeopardy,” “20/200,” and the “Slimy Awards” to expose the lies of Satan and show believers how to have victory over temptation.

First aired on:November 21,1998

Last aired on: August 02,2017