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Official Rules

For the A.C.T.S.! contest, you're supposed to make a video. Does the camera have to be on me the whole time, or could I put pictures in at some times while I'm still talking?

You can put in pictures while you're talking, if you would like. Anything that will enhance the production value of your video is encouraged.

Do I have to go to a bookstore to record my video?

No, you don't have to go to a bookstore. But some bookstores may have special store event days where you can record your video and have the chance to win prizes. (Check here for participating locations.)

Will the launch party webcast announcing more about the contest be available after it airs?

Yes, the video will be posted at within a week of the webcast.

I noticed on the poster that Wooton's box says Costa Rica – is that where the mission trip is to?


Can my sibling and I do the A.C.T.S.! contest together, or does it need to be one person?

You are welcome to work together on your submission, but if you would both like to enter for a chance to win, you need to create separate videos. Each video equals one person's entry to the contest.

Is there an age limit for the contest?

Yes, the contest is limited to kids between the ages of 8 and 15.

I will turn sixteen AFTER June 1st but before August 16th, thus aging out of the contest during the entry period. If I submit my entry before my birthday, am I still eligible?

Sure! As long as you are between the ages of 8 and 15 at some point during the contest, you're welcome to enter.

Why can't people from Canada participate in the A.C.T.S.! Contest? People in Canada love Adventures In Odyssey, too!

Thanks for listening – we love our international fans! Unfortunately, for legal reasons, this contest is only available to residents of the United States. We're working on more ways for our international fans to get involved, so stay tuned!

Can (fill in the blank) count towards my 12 hours of service?

Anything you do that puts someone or something before yourself is considered serving. This includes things such as reading to your siblings, helping with chores around the house or volunteering at your church. For more ideas, talk to your friends, family or Sunday School teacher, or visit this page on

What does the job of Adventures in Odyssey Ambassador entail? What is the "job description"?

An ambassador is a representative for Adventures In Odyssey for a year! The Ambassadors will not only serve on the missions trip to Costa Rica, but they will also be featured in Clubhouse Magazine, and in the bonus features on Volume 58. Other opportunities may arise throughout the year as we launch the Odyssey Adventure Club and other fun things.

Will the winners of A.C.T.S.! get to record a part in an Odyssey episode?

No, not this year, but they will be featured in the bonus material of Volume 58.

Where can I find the poster to record my hours?

To record your hours, download the "Path of Service" poster here.