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And When You Pray. . .

Theme: Prayer.

Bible Verse:Mark 11:24

When Jimmy Barclay prays for a bike--and gets one--Donna begins to wonder how prayer works.

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AIO - 04: FUN-damentals


Coming This Week

Mar 21

The Boy Who Didn't Go To Church

Jack participates in a unique play about the BODY, or the "Brotherhood of Dutiful Youth."

AIO - 04: FUN-damentals

Mar 22

Let This Mind Be in You

Whit leaves Connie and Eugene in charge of Whit's End for the weekend with the instruction to "run the shop like I would."

AIO - 04: FUN-damentals

Mar 23

Divided We Fall

When a social worker witnesses Buck Oliver fall from a treehouse, the future of Eugene and Katrina as foster parents is put in question.

AIO - 65: Expect the Unexpected

Mar 25

A Good and Faithful Servant

The Barclays get a budget for the first time, so Jimmy and Donna must learn how to handle their finances.

AIO - 04: FUN-damentals

Mar 26

The Greatest of These

The trouble starts when Robyn is paired with a slow learner named Oscar for the middle school science fair, but the trouble peaks when their model volcano malfunctions.

AIO - 04: FUN-damentals


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