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Game for a Mystery

Theme: Putting off important things (or It's a mystery...)

Bible Verse:Proverbs 15:19

Simon Jones just wants the hedge trimmed, but his son Barrett can't tear himself away from his portable video game - until it disappears without a trace!

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AIO - 51: Take It From the Top


Coming This Week

Dec 09

Peace on Earth

Whit finds himself overcommitted on Christmas eve, and the Barclay family wakes up to a surprise on Christmas morning.

AIO - 03: Heroes

Dec 10

The Reluctant Rival

An orchestra leader discovers Jenny's exceptional musical ability, which leads to Jenny's rivalry with another musician.

AIO - 07: On Thin Ice

Dec 11

Monty's Christmas

The Whittaker household tries to get into the holiday spirit, but 10-year-old Monty has trouble overcoming his heartache about his parents' divorce.

AIO - 07: On Thin Ice

Dec 12

The Visitors

The Barclay family's Christmas celebration is disrupted by the arrival of three unexpected "guests" in their back shed.

AIO - 07: On Thin Ice

Dec 13

Where's Your Daddy?

The Myers family come to Odyssey with a secret: Father and husband Ernie Myers is in jail.

AIO - 12: At Home and Abroad


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