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Push the Red Button

Theme: Beauty, truth, and goodness

Bible Verse:

Eugene's merge program for Whit's End has bizarre consequences for Connie and Penny in the Imagination Station, and for Wooton in the Kids' Radio studio.

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AIO - 56: The Grand Design


Coming This Week

May 27

The Price of Freedom

A teacher maligns 10-year-old Kirk McGinty's war hero father and the war he fought in. Kirk's mother and Whit and step in to set them both straight.

AIO - 06: Mission: Accomplished

May 28

Curious, Isn't It?

Friends Ben and Esther overhear a conversation and come to believe that Mr. Whittaker is getting married.

AIO - 08: Beyond Expectations

May 29

Suspicious Minds

Money mysteriously disappears from the cash register at Whit's End, and Connie and Eugene are determined to find the perpetrator.

AIO - 08: Beyond Expectations

May 30

The Big Broadcast

Whit and Tom reopen the Kids' Radio studio with the Good Samaritan story.

AIO - 09: Just in Time

May 31

An Act of Mercy

Tom Riley forgives Rodney Rathbone for trying to steal his apples, but when given a chance to forgive someone else, Rodney doesn't pass on the act of mercy.

AIO - 08: Beyond Expectations


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