How To Use Adventures in Odyssey

Thousands of listeners have written and called Focus on the Family to tell us how Adventures in Odyssey has been a source of enjoyment and inspiration for their families.

Here are some tools and ideas to help you make the most of your time in Odyssey, along with some inspiring stories from listeners worldwide…

Before Bedtime
"I’m excited about how the Lord is using Adventures in Odyssey to reach my children! They are only six and three, but they listen to it for hours when we travel, every night before bed, and during their daily quiet times. One day my older son came downstairs after his quiet time and told me he had asked Jesus into his heart. He was definitely motivated by what he had heard so often on his tapes. It was by far the highlight of the year for me!"

Many families find that bedtime is the best time to enjoy an adventure in Odyssey. In fact, most radio stations that play Adventures in Odyssey broadcast it around 7pm—you can find a local station.

Your child may be dealing with a specific issue like lying or impatience. Focus on the Family has created special CD sets called Life Lessons, which feature 3 stories that reinforce the same character trait. Or, if you already have many Adventures in Odyssey CD sets, you can Search Episodes by Lesson to find just the right stories to help teach your child.

On Road Trips
"When my fellow truck drivers and I are at truck stops, I play Adventures in Odyssey for all of them. My buddies are captivated—Christians and non-Christians, it doesn't matter. They are just hungry to have quality radio that stood out from the rest. Thanks, Adventures in Odyssey, for making a great impact in the truck driving world!"

Even if you don’t drive a big rig, chances are your family could use quality entertainment while you’re on long road trips. We make every effort to ensure that Adventures in Odyssey CD sets are durable enough for the wear-and-tear of kids in the car. We even have a special travel visor set just for family travel (look for more to come.) To make the miles go by even faster, we encourage families to discuss the stories they've heard.

In Sunday School
"Even though I am an adult pastor, I have benefited greatly from Adventures in Odyssey. I was introduced to these creative dramas while in seminary. The stories provided a much-needed balance to the 'critical' method of approaching faith that I was being taught in the classroom. I can honestly say that Adventures in Odyssey was as much a part of my education as was seminary. Thank you for producing these programs."

Children's pastors are always looking for new ways to make the Bible come alive. Films can be great, but why not spend a half-hour and engage the imaginations of kids?

Bible Eyewitness
CD sets have been developed especially for churches. These half-hour adventures present fast-paced Bible stories told with humor, drama and a lot of fun.

In the Classroom
"Last year, when our daughter was in third grade, her class studied a unit on the Underground Railroad. She came home one day and told me she had offered to let the teacher use her Adventures in Odyssey tapes in class. I wasn’t sure how it might turn out (she attends a public school). Well, my daughter’s class listened to the stories every day. One day another third grade teacher heard the story playing and asked if she could use the tapes. Soon all the third grade classes at the school had listened to the Adventures in Odyssey episodes. This year I contacted the teacher and asked if she would like the tapes again; she said yes. Once more, the third graders at our public school studied the Underground Railroad by listening to Adventures in Odyssey."

Adventures in Odyssey has re-told dozens of historical stories, from the thrilling tale of St. Valentine, to Columbus' discovery of America, even up to the Vietnam War. Many adventures from United States history are included in a CD set called For God & Country.