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Original Novels 2: Danger Lies Ahead!

Odyssey is a town filled with wonder, surprises, and even a hint of danger—as Mark Prescott, Jack Davis, and their friends learn in these four stories. In the middle of it all is John Avery Whittaker, or Whit as he’s known around town. He’s the owner of Whit’s End soda-shop and discovery emporium, a place where you’ll find adventure in every room. Yet, beneath all the fun, are important lessons that will change the lives of these kids—and maybe you, too!

This second volume in the Original Novels contains four-books-in-one!

  • Lights Out at Camp What-A-Nut
  • The King's Quest
  • Danger Lies Ahead
  • A Carnival of Secrets

  • Format: Novel


    Episode List: