Interview with Rachel Batson, an author’s daughter

Rach BatsonQ: What’s it like when your dad is writing?
He makes me get him soda, refill his ice water, or get him snacks.

What creative contributions did you give to Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon?
In the first draft, my dad had the kids playing Slaves-and-Masters. I told my dad I thought they should play Hide-and-Seek instead. Well, he left it Slaves-and-Masters, and the editor changed the game to Hide-and-Seek. See? I was right.

How do you help him with ideas?
I think he weighs my ideas in his head, then he decides whether or not to use them. Mostly not. But that’s ok. He lets me help make up the characters’ names.

What are your favorite books (that your dad didn’t write), and why?
Heidi and Anne of Green Gables. I like the adventures they have in their new homes.

How have you helped your dad on other projects?Battle for Cannibal Island
I helped my dad with the Battle for Cannibal Island book, by telling him how I thought Beth or Patrick would talk. I also thought of things that would scare kids my age. 

Do you want to be a professional writer one day?
Definitely. In fact, my school just published a poem I wrote about thankfulness. I’ve also written quite a few stories. My dad and I even wrote a book together once!

Does your dad talk like a pirate in his sleep?
No, but he snores like a tugboat.

Would you like to write a book for Focus on the Family?
Yes, very much so. In fact, I’d like to write a few new Adventures in Odyssey stories!