AIO - 62: Let's Put on a Show

Everyone in Odyssey is putting on a show. Jules Kendall feels like she’s in the spotlight and has to live up to everyone's expectations. Buck Oliver pretends to understand Eugene and Katrina’s faith. A mysterious visitor to the antique shop isn’t all he seems as he searches for a clue to a father’s final words. And a group of traveling singers put on the rootin-est, tootin-est, Wild Westiest, musical extravaganza Odyssey has ever seen. Restoration and new beginnings take center stage as the folks in Odyssey learn about relationships, friendship, and compassion. Old friends and family return, relationships are mended, and long-hidden talents are discovered. Sit back and enjoy the show!


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807: Connie the Counselor

808: No Friend Like an Old Friend

809: Fathers and Sons

810: The Grass is Always Greener

811: Legacy, Part 1

812: Legacy, Part 2