Paul McCusker

            Paul was born at a very young age and has been growing up ever since then. He has been a writer and director for Adventures in Odyssey since way, way, WAY back in 1987! He has written over 250 episodes, as well as two of the animated video series and 22 spin-off novels. For adults, he has written multiple books such as Epiphany, as well as the recent medical thrillers TSI: The Gabon Virus and TSI: The Influenza Bomb.

            Paul has also contributes his writing and directing talents to the Radio Theatre audio dramas. A few of the titles include Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom, The Chronicles of Narnia, Amazing Grace, and The Screwtape Letters. He also dabbles in the theatrical, scripting plays and musicals such as A Time for Christmas, which was a Dove Award nominee.

            There are some things Paul loves, like Venti Chai Tea Lattes. There are some things Paul begrudges, like when he was picked to play the role of Philip Glossman. And then there are some things that Paul doesn’t love, but doesn’t hate. Rather, he finds these things curiously entertaining, like when you see a goose walking across traffic instead of flying (seriously, what’s that about?).

            All in all, Adventures in Odyssey would not be what it is without the words and talents of the one and only Mr. Paul McCusker.