Candid Conversations With Connie

Welcome Parents, Teachers and Girls Ministry Leaders!

We are so excited to offer a three-book series called Candid Conversations with Connie! In this series, girls ages 8-12 can learn about self-worth, peer pressure, handling social media and more.

Candid Conversations With Connie Candid Conversations With Connie Vol. 2 Candid Conversations With Connie Vol.3

First Chapter Samples
Volume 1
Voume 2
Voume 3 (coming soon)

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Volume 2: Paperback
Voume 2: Ebook

Volume 3: Paperback
Voume 3: Ebook

Leader Activity Guides
We encourage parents, coaches and girls ministry leaders to use the book along with the leader's activity and discussion guides below to spark conversation. This material would work well as a slumber party event or any type of girls-only coaching/mentoring time.

Volume 1
Voume 2
Voume 3