Wooton's Whirled History Extras
Wooton is blending up a mix of men of God who made history. From the journey of early church martyr Telemachus and the defiance of Valentine to the amazing prayer lives of George Mueller, William Tyndale and Charles Finney, learn that standing for your faith no matter the circumstances takes amazing bravery. You'll find discussion questions and other activities below.

"Telemachus" Parts 1 and 2

Discussion Questions for Part 1:
What is more important, prayer or action? Talking to God, or doing stuff for people? Can we have one without the other? Why or why not? In your own words, describe what it means for you to be "in the world, but not of it." How did Telemachus discover that being a Christian isn't easy?

Discussion Questions for Part 2:
Were the Romans in Telemachus' day a Christian people? What makes a nation truly "Christian"? Do you live in a Christian nation? Does America today do anything as horrible as the Romans did to the Gothic slaves who were forced to kill one another? Explain.

Do you know anyone like Tad and Jeremy who would benefit from your help or friendship, even if you really don't want to get involved? If so, what are you willing to do for this person? What will it cost you, and are you prepared for this? How can Jesus help you?

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"The Last 'I Do' "

Discussion Questions:
The Roman emperor Claudius attacked the family because he thought it was an enemy of the empire rather than, as Valentine said, "the backbone of our civilization." In what ways is the family under attack today? How are your parents having to fight for control of your family instead of letting the government tell them what to do?

What did you like about the way Valentine behaved when he was mistreated and thrown in prison? Would you have felt the same peace and hope that he did? Would you be tempted to deny your faith to get out of trouble? Why or why not?

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"Saint Patrick: A Heart Afire" Parts 1 and 2

Discussion Questions for Part 1:
According to Whit, Patrick concluded that the destruction of his village was "God's punishment for his [Patrick's] years of disobedience and lack of faith." Do you think God loves you? Even if you've done things you're ashamed of? Explain.

How did God answer Patrick's plea for help when he was made a slave? Describe a time when God answered your prayer in a way that was different from what you expected.

Discussion Questions for Part 2:
Patrick said to God, "I will go wherever You want me to go." Can you say that, or do you think you will do what you want with your life, no matter what? Is there something you feel called by God to do? Explain.

Opposition to Patrick's message came from people who worshiped other "gods." Can you think of a similar event in the New Testament? (Hint: Read Acts 19:23-41.) What "gods" compete with the gospel today? Do you know how to explain the Christian faith to someone who doesn't know what you believe?

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"When in Doubt ... Pray!"

Discussion Question:
Are you like Reverend Mueller, who was absolutely convinced that God would provide food for the children? Or are you more like his helper Frank, who had his doubts? Why? What do you hope to learn eventually about trusting God for everything?

Does the Lord always answer prayer? Are the answers always what you would like them to be? If not, will we always be able to understand why God answered as He did? Explain.

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