The Imagination Station

Join cousins Patrick and Beth in the Imagination Station and travel through history. Sail with Viking explorers! Meet a Roman emperor! The key to adventure lies within your imagination. (for ages 7 and up)

Rescue on the River
Rescue on the River
Join the battle for freedom!
The Imagination Station No. 23: Terror in the Tunnel
Terror in the Tunnel
Trouble is brewing in Baltimore!
The Imagination Station No. 22: Freedom at the Falls
Freedom at the Falls
Race on the Underground Railroad!
Madman in Manhattan
Madman in Manhattan
Take a terrifying flight to adventure!
Inferno in Tokyo
Inferno in Tokyo
Disaster from earth, wind, water, and fire!
There's bad trouble in Babylon!
Beth and Patrick ride the rails in 1874!
Beth goes to see a South American missionary!
Patrick journeys to an ancient volcano alone!
The cousins witness the end of the Revolutionary War!
The cousins must survive a sword fight and a battle at sea!
Patrick and Beth must awake the sleeping citizens of Concord.
Beth and Patrick travel to the Holy Land and join the wise men.
Beth and Patrick meet Georgius, a man who battles an angry dragon.
The cousins see a battle between druids and Bishop Patrick, a follower of the true God!
A journey to World War II to save a life.
The cousins visit a mysterious island in the South Pacific!
A journey to ancient Egypt ends with a surprising discovery.
The cousins visit America and see the first Thanksgiving!
A trip to ancient Israel leads to a run-in with Goliath!
Patrick and Beth wind up in a battle between two knights in England!
Patrick and Beth meet a Kublai Khan in ancient China!
Come along with Patrick and Beth as they travel to ancient Rome!
Come along with Patrick and Beth as they meet a Viking named Erik the Red!