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Isaac the Chivalrous

Theme: Chivalry.

Bible Verse:Job 13:15

After a journey in the Imagination Station, a brave knight follows Isaac into modern times.

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Aug 23

A Question of Loyalty

Lucy befriends a shy, would-be writer from her school named Emily, who starts writing for The Odyssey Owl.

AIO - 13: It All Started When...

Aug 24

Much Ado about Jealousy

When Jules starts turning to her new roommate Jillian for advice, Connie worries that her close relationship with her sister is being snatched away.

AIO - 66: Trial by Fire

Aug 27

An Act of Nobility

Whit tells the story of a young adult named James Armor who puts his life on the line in a foreign country to save an irresponsible prince.

AIO - 13: It All Started When...

Aug 28

The Courage to Stand

Robyn must make a choice when she's asked to go to an unchaperoned party with the most popular girl in school.

AIO - 13: It All Started When...


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